• September Case of the Month

    Kor Deep Bleaching


    This handsome young man wanted to be even more good looking. He was interested Kor Deep Bleaching.


    After 2 weeks of home bleach application and an in-office treatment please see  the result.


    Original shade of the teeth, slightly lighter than A3.


    Final shade is B-1, eight shade lighter!



  • October Case of the Month

    Teeth Can Break! ...and can be very painful, here how it looks.


    This woman had been suffering for 2 years with pain in this tooth. It didn't look bad, but when I removed the old silver filling, I could see the fracture line. I was able to follow the break into the nerve of the tooth. The pain was due to an inflamed nerve.


    In her own words, ".... I had been to 2 dentists and one periodontist prior to visiting Dr. Rumack because I had pain in one tooth. They all failed to correctly diagnose and treat the issue, doing fillings and telling me that I had gingivitis at first and then periodontal disease. It turned out there was a crack in my tooth. I wish I had come to this office sooner. I am recommending this office to everyone I know."