Our office has the capacity to plan and perform guided implant surgical procedures.

In certain implant cases we desire a very high degree of precision in placing your implants. This may be necessitated by  various factors.

• Aesthetic demands may be critical, such as in the front teeth

• There may be a minimal amount of anatomic space, allowing little margin for error

• When there are many implants to be placed, guided surgery will often allow the surgery to be performed in significantly shorter time, thus making the procedure easier for the patient.



Dr. Rumack’s dental implants mean there is still hope for nearly every patient. Frequently there are several options from which to choose.  After you choose one of Dr. Rumack’s exclusive options to permanently solve your problems, you’ll feel great about yourself having regained the normal chewing, long-lasting beauty, and comfort that you deserve.



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The use of implants has become a standard of care for many dental practices. This is due to the high level of successful treatment that has been proven over many years and the advantages that implant dentistry offers over conventional dental treatment.

Implants can be viewed as an artificial root that stays permanently in the upper or lower jaw. As such it can be used in a variety of applications.



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