Cosmetic dentistry : Cosmetic dentistry encompasses a range of procedures. Basically any dental procedure that restores or enhances the appearance of the teeth can be considered 'Cosmetic Dentistry'. More and more people these days are turning to this type of procedure in order to not only improve the appearance of their teeth and smile but also to boost their confidence and quality of life.

Often the comprehensive process of improving the appearance of the teeth will require many forms of dental treatment. Listed below are the procedures that may be considered when an improved cosmetic result is desired.


Porcelain Veneers : The porcelain veneer is a recovering of the enamel of the tooth. This is the best known and perhaps most popular technique of enhancing the appearance of the teeth. It is used when the basic structure of the tooth is intact, but we want to modify the color, shape, and within limits, the position of the tooth. It can be used to restore teeth that have minor chips or decay.


Porcelain Crowns : For the purposes of Cosmetic Dentistry, a crown can be considered a veneer that is extended around the tooth.  In cosmetic cases it is usually fabricated from the same material as a veneer, and thus has a similar appearance.  It is used to restore more severely damaged teeth.

Periodontal (Gum) treatment : The health and position of the gums can be an important consideration when planning cosmetic restoration.  Gum tissue can actually be added or removed to obtain an optimal cosmetic result.  In our office Dr. Terranova and Dr. Rumack work as a team to accomplish this goal.


Invisalign/Orthodontic treatment :Veneers and crowns have limited capacity to correct the unattractive position of teeth.  In our office we will often recommend the movement of teeth to a more optimal position.  This can be all that is needed or may be part of a more comprehensive plan of treatment.


Bleaching : We use the Kor and Zoom bleaching system.  These are the most reliable bleaching systems available today.  While bleaching is very effective in changing the shade of the teeth, it is best utilized as an endpoint of cosmetic treatment when the teeth are well positioned and intact.


Dentures : We consider dentures to be a cosmetic procedure.  There are situations when the best affordable situation for tooth restoration is to remove the broken down remaining teeth and place a partial or full denture.  Esthetics of the new teeth are taken very seriously and it is not unusual to obtain a better cosmetic result with a denture than if we had used crowns or veneers.




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