We specialize in offering implant surgery to patients, with our expert dentists offering more than half a century of experience between them. There are a number of options available when it comes to implants, and they can be used in a range of circumstances such as to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth, or to hold in dentures. Implants have become a very popular cosmetic solution over the years, as they not only provide a permanent solution to missing or badly damaged teeth but they also provide vital aesthetic benefits, which in turn can help to improve the self esteem and quality of life of patients.

Why computer guided implant surgery is used

  In some cases, computer guided implant surgery may be necessary, and this is where a greater level of precision is required in order to achieve optimum results while causing minimum discomfort to the patient. The main benefit of computer guided implant surgery is that it allows for the implants to be placed with far greater precision, and this often means that it is a lot less traumatic for the patient compared to standard implant surgery.

  One of the reasons why computer guided implant surgery can be a less traumatic option is that often the surgeon will not have to expose the bone in order to visualize and determine the placement of the implants. With this type of procedure the surgeon is able to simply make some small holes in the patient’s gum in order to carry out the implant placement. As a result of this, sutures are not generally necessary following the surgery, which means that post operative discomfort is kept to a minimum and the recovery time is far quicker than it would be with standard dental implants.

  In order to carry out this type of implant surgery, we utilize state of the art technology coupled with the expertise and skill of our dentists. This ensures that we are able to achieve the perfect results for our patients while also reducing the level of discomfort and post operative inconvenience that they may have to face during and after the procedure. Computer guided implant surgery can make the whole implant process far simpler. It also means that patients can benefit from greater accuracy and safer positioning when it comes to the placement of their implants in addition to the reduction in discomfort during the implant process.





Two Implants Planned

All on Four Planning

This shows the virtual placement of the implants on the computer. The jaws have been scanned by CT, and the implants have been placed by computer. The laboratory technician then designs a guide that fits over the teeth.

This shows the implants with healing caps immediately after surgery. Notice that there are no sutures and minimal bleeding!

This shows the guide in the patient's mouth. Now the surgeon uses the planned holes and knows exactly where the implants are to be placed. The gum above the bone is removed and the implants are placed in the precise location.

This shows the guide that fits over the patient's teeth. There is also a clear plastic model of the teeth.

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