Why Invisalign



Having crooked or misaligned teeth is something that can have a huge impact on your quality of life, as it can really knock your confidence and make you feel embarrassed about talking, laughing, smiling, and doing many of the things that others take for granted. This can have an adverse effect on the way you feel as well as your overall quality of life. Fortunately, there are solutions available that can help to straighten your teeth no matter what your age. One solution is to opt for a treatment known as Invisalign in Queens, NY.

One of the most effective and convenient solutions you can opt for when it comes to straightening your teeth is Invisalign, which provides is a far more modern product compared to the traditional metal braces that used to be commonplace. This is a cutting edge method that will ensure you are able to get on with your day to day life without feeling self conscious or embarrassed yet will also make a big difference to the appearance of your teeth, providing you with increased self esteem and helping to improve your quality of life. Read More

How Invisalign works

When Invisalign is used to straighten your teeth a series of aligners is custom made for your specific requirements. Not only are these far more comfortable than regular braces but they are made from plastic, making them practically invisible. This means that you get to avoid the embarrassment that can often come from having to wear the far more obvious metal braces while still ensuring that you benefit from straighter teeth once you have completed your treatment.

Invisalign also couldn’t be easier to use, as these braces are simply worn over the top of the teeth where they help to move your teeth into the right place so they are properly aligned. The end result is beautifully straight teeth without having to put up with a visible metal brace. As part of the straightening process, a new set of aligners is used over the teeth every couple of weeks until the treatment has been completed. This provides a very effective and convenient solution for those who decide to opt for Invisalign in Queens, NY. By coming to our office for teeth straightening with Invisalign, Queens, NY residents can benefit from a far more convenient and comfortable way to get straighter teeth and a boost in confidence.

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