I have been in practice long enough to remember  when the modern bleaching of teeth first started.

The idea, as I was told by the sales rep, was started by a periodontal surgeon.  The doctor was using carbamide  peroxide as a disinfectant under his surgical packs.  The doctor, being an observant type, noticed that after his patients wore the dressing for a week or two, their teeth appeared lighter.  The product was developed and marketed by  a company called Onmi, which also supplied mouth rinses and fluoride gels to the dental industry.


Over the intervening 25 or so years, the concept of bleaching teeth has exploded.  There are a multitude of bleaching systems on the market, with everything  from whitening toothpastes and Crest White Strips, to the in office light systems such as Zoom and Brite Smile.


There is one thing all beaching systems have in common:  they all produce mixed results.  For some folks they work great, others are disappointed.

These are the common problems that we experience  with dental bleaching:


•The teeth don't bleach to the patients satisfaction.

•The teeth become very sensitive, not allowing the patient to complete treatment.

•After a few months the color returns.


My patients have experienced all these problems and as a consequence, I have never been an enthusiastic provider of any bleaching system. ..Until Now!


The Kor Deep Bleaching System is the most well thought out and researched dental bleaching system that I have seen to date.  Kor has addressed all the problem issues with a system that significantly raises the success rate of bleaching treatment.


•Deep bleaching is attained by allowing time for the tubules to clean and open up so that the bleach can reach the stain.

•An effective desensitizer is provided to address the sensitivity problems.


Extremely accurate trays are fabricated to  effectively hold the bleaching agents around the teeth.

•Touch up kits are provided so that the patient can apply a once a month treatment to prevent the color from returning.


The treatment typically consists of a combination of in office bleach applications and overnight home treatment for 2-3 weeks.   The severity of the discoloration determines the length of time of the treatment and the cost of the treatment.


Again, the Kor Deep Bleaching system is the best bleaching system on the market.  It is the one that will give the highest rate of success, period.



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If you are interested in bleaching your teeth, or have been frustrated with prior attempts with bleaching, I urge you to call my office and seek and consultation.




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