Over recent years, an increasing number of people have become more conscious about the appearance of their teeth. One of the most common issues that people experience when it comes to the appearance of their teeth is discoloration, which can cause embarrassment and self consciousness for many. As a result, procedures such as teeth whitening and bleaching have become increasingly common – and have become increasingly advanced, enabling men and women to achieve the perfect smile with beautifully white teeth.

Whether you are looking to achieve a whiter smile for a special occasion or simply to improve the look of your teeth on a day to day basis, you will find that professional teeth whitening can provide the perfect solution. With whiter teeth you will not only feel far more confident but you can also look forward to improving your overall appearance and even achieving a younger look as a result of your whiter teeth.

Benefit from the superb effects of Zoom

At our office we now use a new and improved teeth whitening process that has been developed by Zoom, which is owned by Phillips. This technology now utilizes an LED light, which produces less heat and therefore less discomfort during the bleaching process as well as after the treatment. With our Zoom treatment, patients can enjoy having whiter teeth in just an hour with minimal discomfort and great results.

The Zoom treatment comes with a range of benefits, which includes Zoom! Chairside whitening, custom fitted trays, pre-whitening pumice, and a take home maintenance kit to ensure you are able to maintain that bright, dazzling smile even when you’ve left the dentist’s office. Opting for Zoom treatment means that our patients are able to benefit from the whiter, brighter teeth that they have been longing for, which in turn will enable them to enjoy increased confidence and self esteem.

While some people use home whitening kits these days, the only way to get outstanding, really noticeable results from your teeth whitening process is by going through a dental professional with training and expertise in this type of procedure. When you attend our office for your teeth whitening procedure using the Zoom system you can benefit from the use of a state of the art teeth whitening system that is administered by an experienced and fully qualified dental professional. All of this equates to superb results and the dazzling smile you have been craving.

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